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We are an interdisciplinary group conducting with enthusiasm research and teaching on physical properties of minerals and rocks. We study the system Earth from atomistic to global scale. Our focus is on in-situ behavior of geomaterials under dynamic loading conditions and the interrelation of properties. We use a variety of experimental and numerical methods to better understand and quantify the underlying mechanisms and processes of observed material behavior. The knowledge gained is used to improve geo-energy technologies and better protect our environment. For example, the office of the State Geothermal Research Center (LandesForschungsZentrum, lfzg.de) is affiliated with the Department of Technical Petrophysics

“How can the energy and entropy in geosystems be better understood and utilized?”
(Frank Schilling)

Our self-image in Technical Petrophysics

We contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals through "Quality Education", in research on "Affordable and Clean Energy" with a focus on "Climate Protection" and "Clean Water". In doing so, we strengthen "Global Partnerships" with national and international partners.


Alik Ismail-ZadehMarkus Breig, KIT
Alik Ismail-Zadeh Appointed as Honorary Member of the International Science Council (ISC)

Dr. Alik Ismail-Zadeh conducts research in the fields of geodynamics, seismology, sedimentary geology and tectonics, geohazards, risk analysis, science diplomacy, and history of science. His current research focuses on understanding earthquakes, volcanic lava dynamics, their hazards and risks.

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Safe for CO2 – Prof. F.R. Schilling on ZDF & 3SAT about Carbon Capture & Storage

“Ten years ago we could have solved the whole problem to a large extent simply by a change in land use. Today, we need enormous amounts of negative emissions, that is actively removed and longterm stored CO2 from the atmosphere.“

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In our interdisciplinary research group, we study and teach on physical properties of minerals and rocks, from the atomic to the global scale.

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