Single Crystal X-Ray Diffractometer (SCXRD)

Crystal Structure Determination

The new Bruker D8 Quest is a state-of-art fixed chi-stage diffractometer equipped with microfocus Mo Kα radiation and mixed-mode detector. This superior crystallographic tool allows detailed insights into the structural properties of minerals and synthetic analogues.

The focus of our research activity is:

  • Phase transitions under non-ambient conditions
  • Twinning and order-disorder structures
  • Crystal chemistry of minerals and related materials

Technical data

  • Detector: The PHOTON III features the largest monolithic active area of any pixel array, no gaps due to the use of a single wafer-scale silicon sensor, single-photon sensitivity no charge sharing effects, zero counting losses.
  • Source: The Mo-Microfocus IµS 3.0 provides up to twice the intensity of conventional microfocus sources. High intensity means higher performances with small (up to tens of micrometers) weakly scattering crystals.
  • Software: Apex 3 is the most comprehensive software package for single-crystal X-ray diffraction from data collection to structure solution and refinement.


For further information on the instrument, crystal-structure determination service and training please contact: Rosa Micaela Danisi

Application highlights

Danisi, R.M., & Armbruster, T. (2018) Dehydration of microporous vanadosilicates: the case of VSH-13Na. Acta Cryst. B74, 483–491. DOI: 10.1107/S2052520618011423

Danisi, R.M., Armbruster, T., and Nagashima, M. (2015) Structural intergrowth merlinoite/phillipsite and its temperature dependent dehydration behaviour: A single crystal X-ray study. Min. Mag., 79, 191-203. DOI: 10.1180/minmag.2015.079.1.15